About Us

Weeb Express is a UK-based anime merchandise retailer, founded in June 2021. We aim to offer official anime merchandise to anime fans in the UK at affordable price. We import all our merchandise from reliable overseas suppliers. 


Weeb Express

Weeb is a non-Japanese person who is obsessed with Japanese culture and behaves in a stereotypically Japanese manner.

The founder of Weeb Express is a weeb as per described. She traveled to various K-ON movie locations in London and took pictures of her figurines; she started learning Japanese because she wanted to watch anime without subtitles; she made friends from anime society at university and eventually became the president. She learnt about life, friendship, family, love, and hope through anime. Anime has brought her a lot in life and she is always proud to be a weeb  (°▽°)/

The founder of Weeb Express would like to contribute to the local weeb community by selling official anime merchandise at a fair, affordable price. Weeb is the target market of our company. However, you are also welcome to purchase from us even if you are not a weeb. 

Company's Goals

  1. Sell official anime merchandise at affordable price
  2. Stock range of merchandise that couldn't be found in other anime retailers in the UK
  3. Open a physical store and anime karaoke bar one day