2021 End of Year Giveaway

In 2021

1. Weeb Express expanded our sales platform from Shopify to EBay, Facebook marketplace and Depop.

2. We reached out to a few university anime societies in the UK.

3. We launched a pre-order system on our website. 

As a thanks to everyone's support in 2021,  Weeb Express decided to run an End of Year Giveaway on our Instagram account. Event ran for a week from 27th Dec,2021- 4th Jan,2022. 

14 prizes were offered to 14 lucky winners, prizes include: Saber Santa Figure, Pokemon Eevee mini figure, Spirited Away chopsticks, Code Geass Badge and Weeb Express £2 voucher. We received more than 80 entries, reached nearly 600 people and gain 20% extra followers on Instagram. A big thank you to everyone who participated in this event! And we hope you all had fun.

Weeb Express will continue to do our best in 2022.

Our ultimate goal this year is to participate at an anime convention as a retailer.

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